About the firm

PS consulting firm is
"By including various types of loans, grants, subsidies, and any funds to the needs of the procurement total to meet Tokyo's presence"

"Personal credit information(CIC data)Bad companies(Private companies, accounting firms, etc.)In respond to notice should also"

"Each industry and a lawyer with the perfect fund raising around support"



Headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, from sole proprietorship to Corporation raising any funds for needs, and meet, especially
1.AIDS money 2 grant money 3 lending (Corporation, banking, financing, etc.)
Of three is all covered in the same Office, others said no.
For the entrepreneur, "attack", "protect" "make" from the point of view of the three consulting their own conducts.
For the shared Office, in addition to location 2 minutes ' walk from Yaesu south exit of Tokyo station Yaesu, and pay a monthly fee for the seminar room is also free (* some conditions and), can be used to great acclaim.

Main business contents
Procurement of funds
From sole proprietorship Corporation for any capital funds financing needs can respond to that will.
Many achievements especially 1 loan 2 Gold 3 funding grants
Treatment financing(Public financing and financing of local governments and various lending institutions, all venture capital, etc.)

Affiliated businesses (and individuals) are recruiting!
Please contact us for more information.

Entrepreneur consulting
Entrepreneurs can not only attract expertise and techniques, to maximize the interest in entrepreneurship development;

Rental office management business
(Rental Office)
Wi-Fi, mobile phone charger, of course, and was resident and rocker, FAX / Photocopying.
Complimentary drinks and soup also.

Four ~, plus private room for private, solo Coworking Office plans-virtual plan 1 day plans are available.

Size 4 seminar rooms, seminar room.
Seminar room 3 type woman using Bank vaults from the popular glass room as well as a meeting room up.

(Vision Office Japan bridge)
Wi-Fi, mobile phone charger, of course, and was resident, FAX / Photocopying.
Drink vending machines are available.

There are Coworking Office plans.
Seminar room has 30 rooms available for about 2 types.

Various seminars
You want to benefit from preparing business proprietors, one representative of a juridical person in sales but not the

(1) only people who know to succeed! "The news can do beyond marketing know-how and techniques, in addition to increased sales, profits to double that.

Run for many years since entrepreneurs preparing for to explain differences in subsidies and grants and works, etc.

(2) know that only 5% of successful entrepreneurs and managers ' use of subsidies, grants, low-interest business loans don't want to know? "

In addition, you want cooked with their own business subsidies and grants for

(3) in just 6 months can be 1 million yen a month! "How to double sales of own on grants, grant money business do you know?"

After it was founded from the establishment plan within three years to target

(4) for funding, such as loan and grant funds established to benefit choice of Law & Office

Holds four seminars to suit your needs said.

Human resources consulting (social insurance and labor consultant)
From medical, hospital, clinics, nursing homes and pharmacies to corporations the customer conducts gate contracts, human resources & labor mail consultation, human resources and institution-building.

CEO introduction
Purpose for doing business, in addition to utilizing its knowledge and experience, currently Manager from startup businesses and small companies to entrepreneurs within the next 5 years, mainly as a "WEB marketing, ameba marketing, flyers draw and exchange visitors" "marketing know-how and techniques, marketing & branding strategy and repeat strategy the business sales, basic knowledge in a wide range of areas into a"profit making business operations required.(Accounting relationships, legal, employment, etc.)In to offer advice.

Also, safe for small capital businesses and small firms, can concentrate on the business financing(Various types of loans, grants and subsidies, including one-stop service.)In the provide support.

Office information




Tokyo Chuo-ku Yaesu Yaesu 2-Chome 3-14 2 minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line Tokyo station JR line Tokyo station Yaesu Yaesu south gate
2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza line Kyobashi Station Exit 8
From the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line Tokyo station 5 minutes walk
From the Tokyo Metro Tozai line Japan Bridge station walking 5 minutes
From the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line Ginza 1-Chome station 5 minutes walk

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