Voice of the customer

"An entrepreneur so far(Business)On the necessary comprehensive advice to in chronological order is the first time!"

Experience those who come to our Office!
Mr. A went to the consulting business of the Accountant General
I'll give opening notification from a tax accountant! Said, starting a business is still ahead despite the practice notice.

→ National Foundation grants(※)The opening of register(Place of incorporation)But such advice before a person is eligible, deep in debt, to start with.
* If using a National Foundation grants, up to 2 million yen from subsidized.

Entrepreneurship for general administrative Scrivener(Establishment of company)The B's went to talk
Create the "articles of incorporation" from an administrative lawyer! Said, starting a business is still even ago creating the articles of incorporation, after the introduction of judicial Scrivener had incorporated.

→ National Foundation grants(※)The corporate registration before a person is eligible, but such advice is not a debt, to start with.
* If using a National Foundation grants, up to 2 million yen from subsidized.

Yvonne went to talk to general marketing and promotion professional consultants
♦ sales went up slightly, but decreased to reverse annual net salary
Marketing consultants from consulting, sales went up slightly, but annual net salary is a man reduced to reverse.

→ in the firmNot only sales to the take-home pay of the year(Profit)MoreSo we advise.

♦ no method for non-marketing advice
There was no other advice from marketing consultant marketing technique has taught me that.

→ In addition to branding and marketing firm,At a minimum, with financial support from need to know accounting, law, recruitment, and otherAlso engaged in.

♦ was imposed on individual consultation, spoken in front of the third-party SNS post
Told in front of a third-party consultation with individual consultants of confidentiality not incompetent.
(I'm talking about this ago ~)
Marketing consultant to self promote, SNS post against his will, was made.
(Taking pictures together, by-)

→, and imposed confidentiality law firm, seek advice from your national qualifications in social insurance and labor consultant,Not to leak to the third-party consultation.

♦ no subsidies and grants, low-interest business loans advice
No advice, etc that will leverage their marketing cost subsidies and grants for hiring and training employees, low-interest business loans.

→ in the firmReceived financial counseling, best adviceConducts.